About a black vegetable soup of hair and teeth

Julianne Moore as Havana Segrand in Maps to the Stars (2014)

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A Religiosa Portuguesa AKA The Portuguese Nun (Eugène Green, 2009)

He was handsome. He went where the maidens gathered and chose the most beautiful. She feared him, but she feared her father even more. It’s your father who decides to whom you will submit. Straba cried out in pride and rage and spilled the blood from her throat before all. They pounced on him and put him in chains. A horrible punishment awaited him. The men deliberated. “Burn him at the stake,” said one. “Let stallions drag him,” said another. They couldn’t agree on how to kill him. Then the eldest, great-grandfather of the one violated, pronounced his sentence. “Let him have no place among humans. Let him be free as a wolf. He carries his punishment within himself.”  - Marketa Lazarová, dir. František Vláčil

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On the Silver Globe | Andrzej Zulawski | 1988

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Tabu | Miguel Gomes | 2012

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